Our Services

Expresslancer cuts through the red tape and gets you content fast. We understand the importance of reaching the right audience at the right time.

Our content engages employees, converts clicks to customers and establishes our clients as respected brands and cutting-edge industry leaders:

Our Services​

Expresslancer cuts through the red tape and gets you content fast. We understand the importance of reaching the right audience at the right time. 


Our content engages employees, converts clicks to customers and establishes our clients as respected brands and cutting-edge industry leaders:

Ready to Build Your Online Presence?

Expresslancer provides the tools. Start now and grow your business into an online dynamo. Our job is to make the process simple for our clients by creating an original and target cutting-edge brand that builds strong relationships between our clients and their customers.


We’ve built cross-channel, individualized, and actionable solutions for brands such as Pepsi, American Express, Huawei, and Gucci. Expresslancer works because it pairs the latest technology with expert talent creators.

Brand Development

Developing and maintaining a strong and consistent brand identity is essential to your company’s prosperity. Your brand is what makes you stand out in the market, attract your ideal customers and build your image. Our seasoned team of experts work with you to establish an authentic, trustworthy, cohesive, and well-defined brand positioning strategy. An effective brand strategy educates the target audience on the company’s principles. It makes your brand recognizable and relatable.

Expresslancer’s experienced freelance designers dazzle our clients and distinguish them from the competition. They provide everything you need to build or revive your brand:

Expresslancer builds comprehensive brand identities from start to finish.

Content Development

Cut through the noise. Fuel your brand and drive results. Expresslancer’s industry-leading content creation powers your brand to the top of the field. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, we’ve got you covered! Expresslancer’s ability to undertake content development projects of all sizes and still keep a lid on cost makes it one of the best services on the web.

Content is king. Expresslancer gets your brand noticed with content that speaks volumes about what you do best. There are many ways to convey your message using content marketing – from creative descriptions to industry-leading blog posts and promotional graphics.

Copy + Graphics + Videos = Content


Expresslancer creates all types of content:

Expresslancer rises to the challenge of using all content strategies to reach your customers. It’s all about understanding the customer’s objectives, relating to the audience, and crafting a positive image.

Digital Marketing

Are your products and services easy for customers to find? Do your messages connect with the audience and inspire action in a meaningful way? If the answer is no, or if you’re unsure, Expresslancer is here to help you create a marketing strategy that packs the triple punch:

Expresslancer’s consultants understand your customer’s journey. They take your customer seamlessly from awareness to consideration to purchase. Expresslancer develops digital marketing strategies that create experiences that are prominent, engaging, and impel action – from social media engagement to immediate purchases. Let’s face it, today’s online marketplace is more competitive than ever. How do you compete?

With a content creation partner who understands the customer journey and develops an online marketing strategy that gets your brand known as a top-notch leader.


Expresslancer clients achieve their goals:

Expresslancer clients enjoy many benefits:

Expresslancer helps its clients achieve their well-earned reputations as thought leaders, industry innovators, and trustworthy business partners.

Event Planning

Expresslancer provides full-service event planning, including logistics, marketing, and execution. We have a passion for telling stories through the details, design, and moments of your event. We have a passion for telling stories through the details, design, and moments of your event.

We work with you to customize every detail. Our consultants handle everything, including:

Unique. Thoughtful. Reflective.

The types of events we organize:

Expresslancer’s event planning pros create experiences your guest will remember. Hire Expresslancer to plan your entire event or hire us to work with your current team. Either way, your event will be of great success.

Project Management

Professional project management saves time, money, and stress.

Expresslancer’s project managers follow organizational processes that provide turnkey inception, planning, management, and delivery of client projects both large and small. Through professional leadership and stakeholder management, they work efficiently to make your project a success.


The key to professional project management lies in understanding the client organization’s culture and defining processes that fit that organization. It’s about organizing tools and processes to optimize resources and achieve goals.

Expresslancer specializes in many project management areas, such as:

Expresslancer: Always on time. Always on budget.


Search engines now employ complex algorithms to separate relevant, well-constructed web content from hastily created content that uses outdated SEO. Effective SEO inserts keywords seamlessly and provides valuable content. Shallow content hurts brands. It lowers search engine result standings and damages brand image.


Expresslancer’s content writers know the latest SEO practices cold. They incorporate keyword-, meta title- and meta description techniques that boost your online presence by appealing to the target audience.

Internet searches are about fulfilling a need for information, from locating local Sushi restaurant to settling a bet on the population of China (1.3 billion in 2018). SEO consultants fulfill that need by ensuring your content reaches the top of relevant searches. They employ vetted keywords and long-tail phrases to gain visibility.


That’s the essence of SEO: Directing traffic to content that dazzles.

Virtual Assistant

Inbox overflowing? Scheduling disorganized? Need to book travel but don’t have time?


End the stress by using a virtual assistant (VA) to check these time-consuming administrative tasks off your to-do list. VA’s handle work and personal needs:

Expresslancer pairs you with virtual assistants who are smart, trained, and experienced. They work remotely on delegated tasks, freeing you to focus on revenue-enhancing projects. Expresslancer hires detail-oriented professionals who pass a multi-step vetting process. These are customer service professionals with stellar communication and tech skills. They are creative, resourceful, and dedicated. 

Website Development

Effective web designers work with the customer in mind. Today’s websites need more than an attractive layout. They must be built for user experience, SEO, and ease of navigation. This takes the technical skills of Expresslancer web designers & developers. 


Expresslancer web designers & developers use creative marketing techniques to create a customized website that expresses the client’s unique brand identity.

Whether you need a small WordPress website to get your business online or a gigantic, complex e-commerce website, Expresslancer will get you online fast.